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November 28th, 2011

12:20 am - A quick note
As you might've seen, I've been super inactive with this so I'll start writing also in English to my Finnish blog from now on. Or at least try to post there in English too. :D In other words, go to rokkienkuli.livejournal.com

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October 8th, 2010

12:08 am - September
The first weekend of September we had the AFS Pool of Trainers meeting. I love to be in the PoT, but I hate the fact that I haven't done my work properly. I should've prepared some stuff better etc. The first weeks at TaY have gone pretty well,. Our group is nice and so far the studies have been interesting too. At TTY I didn't have so many courses in this period. A few weeks ago I did a short visit to Tallinn cuz I had a free ferry ticket and I was running out of beer and long drinks.

In a way I think that I might have a bit of depression cuz I don't always wanna go to the Uni. cuz I know that traslations studies isn't what I most want to study. A few times I've just skipped a few lessions cuz I didn't feel like going there. And I kinda hate myself for being so lazy to study to journalism's entrance exam. And I also am starting to get that autumn moodyness cuz it's getting darker and colder and obviously having someone to love and someone to wake up next with is the thing mostly missed. And I hate the fact that everything that goes worng always ends up in the same pile with all the former disappointments and sadly, I'm the one to blame for many of those. Disappointment at junior hifh, in Brazil, at high school etc. Some obviously were not my fault but in many things Iäve got no-one to blame but myself. I could've had more friends in Brazil, had I just tried to be more active. I could've passed in journalism, had I just studied a lot harder.

I've had to skip some event at the Uni cuz I've had work, something at TTY or the last week's trip and also cuz I've overslept a few lessons I get the feeling that my so-calles class mates, if you still can use that at the Uni., are forming a good and tight group and I'm a bit left outside. And then adding that to the fact that I haven't seen my TTY friends much and AFS people are distant too, it's sad. But I'm still hoping things'd get better with time.

Two weeks ago I went to Suonenjoki for the first time in two months,. Of course it was great to see my parents and grandma again. Then dad and I went to Helsinki and on Sunday we flew to Brussels. It's been almost two years since the last visit there. First thing to do was obviously buying coffee at Starbucks at the airport. In the center I met Doesjka, a Belgian who was here last year. It was lovely to see her again. :) I spent most of the time, as usual, walking around the city doing nothing particular. We visited the EU comission and the Parliament too. It was interesting and I even got to discuss a few words in French and German with one our MEP whose visitors we were there. Cool. :D From Brussels we went to Amsterdam by bus and the first thing to do there was to ask Eero what he was up to. We met briefly. The next day we headed to The Hague and visited the Education and Work Ministeries there and then the embassy of Finland. In a way those visits made me more interested in studying politics and then on the other hand I became more dubious whether I actually want to study it anyway. Amsterdam is definately still one of my favourite cities and I do wanna go back there soon. I met Joram also, a Dutch AFSer whi I got to know at the Summer Summit this year. AFS friends are great to have. The weather was sunny, around +20c and it was nice to enjoyu the weather and sit at the Dam square. Needless to say, coming back to Finland didn't feel so nice. Schiphol is a great airport and I wanna go back there too.

I still have a few school things to do that I should've done already but I'm totally lacking the motivation to do them. Argh. This week has been a bit desperate "try to adapt and catch the study rhythm"-week.
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October 7th, 2010

11:19 pm - Travelling and life back in Tampere
The Summer Summit was great as usual and again I got new friends and met some cool old friends again too. My mini-interrail was a success too. Berlin is still a great city and Air Berlin is a good airline, if you exclude the fact that they're using the C terminal at Tegel and from there you have to climb up stairs and walk quite long to reach the other terminals and the bus station. Not surprisingly the first thing to do at Hauptbahnhof was to get rid of my big backpack and then head to Starbucks and Le Crobag. <3 It's a pity neither one exists in Finland. I mostly spent the day walking around and riding the subway and buses. The next morning I took a train to Prague. Gotta say that I love train travelling quite a lot. PRague was still nice. It's been aabout 5½ years from my last visit. Besides walking around the center I also took the subway to some 70's-built concrete-socialism-suburb and that was quite interesting. I also randomly travelled around by tram. :D I like the city quite much.

The night train to Budapest was good too. I got to travel alone in a 8-seat compartment so I was able to sleep quite well, or at least as well as you can sleep on a 35cm-wide bench. :D When the train stopped in Bratislava I stepped outside so that I could say that I'd been to Slovakia again. :D Very nice. In Budapest I met Anna and it was super lovely to see her again. I had missed her a lot. We wandered around the city and it was cool. Then I too the train to the Summit. One can say that the true AFS spirit was present in the train to Zánka. On the way back to BP we had a great time too and most of that day I hung aound with other volunteers before taking the train to Krakow. It was a bit of an adventure cuz only the too sleeping cars went directly and as I was travelling in a normal seat compartment wagon, I had to change to a new car twice at some little neverheard Czech station, but it ws cool anyway. I talked with some Portuguese guys who were impressed by my Portuguese skills. Tghey told me I have a very good Brazilian accent, which made me quite happy. In Krakow I walked around and enjoyed the sunny weather. I like the city and I wanna go there again. The flights back home went smoothly and I've got nothing to complain about LOT either.

The rest of August went pretty much at work and trying to reorganize my stuff at home. I also visited my parents for a few days. I also already had some stuff at TTY cuz I'm in our guild's board.
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11:17 pm - I'm alive!
This entry was dated August 27th, but cuz I didn't have enough time to finish it then, it was left unpublished. Lazy me,.

I was lucky. I got into the university to study German anyway. I got the letter couple of days before I went to Hungary. I'm ahppy for that. A few people who got in didn't want to enroll for the studies so the first few people who got the next best points in the entrance exam got in and I was one of them. :D Yay. Still gonna try the journalism again next year but I'm getting more and more comfy with the idea that German translation studies, or Multilingual communication and translation as the study program is officially called, might actually be a good thing anyway. First of all cuz I've always liked the German language and languages in general too and besides that, combining it with political science, European law and international relations could be a good thing considering work in some EU-related stuff in Brussels or so. Who knows. We'll see.
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July 8th, 2010

11:55 pm - I'm back
Once and again a huge update on recent happenings.

In the begining of June Aurora and Clara, two Brazilians from our Lapland trip, and their friend Mariana stayed at my place during Sauna Open Air. It was cool to have Brazilian visitors and it was also great to speak so much Portuguese. On Sunday Clara and her friend Maely als osat at Café Europa and had a great time there.

Mostly my June was spent at work, but since I got my salary today(about 1100e!!) I'm not complaining 'bout it.

On my birthday weekend I was in Kouvola visiting some realtives and we had the baptism fest of my cousin's baby boy. The surprising thing was that my cousin and his girlfriend also got married at the same time. The priest was just like: "Well, before we start the baptism I'd like to do this other thing first. May I ask the bridal couple come here." And everyone was like "OMG?!?!" xD Great surprise indeed. And then I damaged my car's front tire, but luckily my cousin was able to fix it.

The whole Midsummer was also spent at work, but like I said, one day with 150% salary and two with double and I surely didn't mind. Plus that on Midsummer Eve it was raining so I wouldn't have wanted to be barbequeing sausages at some summer cottage or so.
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June 5th, 2010

03:11 pm - I has new apartment!
I've been living in this shared apartment in Hervanta since August(hence the whole time I've lived in Tampere) but I've been queueing for a one room apartment since last summer. A week ago I checked that I was at place 6 to Hervanta and place 9 to city center apartments at TOAS waiting list so I knew to expect getting a new aparment soon. On Friday I got an e-mail from TOAS. They're offering me a 27m2 aparment, not in Hervanta, but in the city center(!!!). Usually you have to wait for 1-2 years to get an apartment from the center but I only waited 11 months. And what's even better, it's 500m from the Uni, 300m from the railway station and 200m from the most famous concert venue of Tampere, Pakkahuone(bands such as Kreator, Prodigy, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Amorphis, CoB, Mew, Opeth, Edguy, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Sentenced, Kotipelto, Porcupine Tree and Nile have performed there). The only two negative sides are that there's no balcony so the deck chair and the table that I have on my balcony now will become useless. The other thing is that my current rent is about 300 euros and in that one it's 460e so I have a lot less money. I'll move on the first of July. Yay. And obviously everything else is close too in the center and taking some courses from the Tech. Uni will be rather easy too cuz there's a bus stop nearby and it only takes 15min to Hervanta by bus. Hooray! I just hate the fact that I'll have pack all my stuff again, but hopefully I don't have to move again in a while.
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April 9th, 2010

11:55 pm - Randomness
The last two weekends I've been at work, but luckily I had enought time for a very quick Easter holiday in Vuokatti. I was at work on Saturday evening 'til 2 AM and I went to Vuokatti on Sunday morning and had just enough time to go snowboarding for about 2½ hours. The weather could've been better, but at least I had the chance to go snowboarding once more this year. The last time I was on the slopes was in Pyhä at the AFS Lapland trip. We stopped to eat at an ABC in Kuopio and I spent almost two hours driving around Kuopio with Eero, one of my best friends, who is studying in Amsterdam nowadays. It's amazing how doing such a stupid thing can be so much fun. We hadn't seen eachother since last May so it was super brilliant to see him again. Then in Suonenjoki I was basically just at home and then visited grandma too. I took a train back to Tampere early on Tuesday morning cuz there were no tickets available for the last train of Monday night.

Then the previous weekend I was in Ylöjärvi at Anna's place cuz Birgitta invited me there during the AFS GA weekend. J wasn't at home but I don't care really. It feels a bit weird that B kinda considers me as a family member and I'm quite sure that it's not because I'm Anna's contact person. In a way I love the fact that we get along so well, but it also disturbs me a bit. The GA weekend 20-21.3 was great. I like to be a member of the Pool of Trainers and so far it hasn't been too much work either. Except that there's some stuff that I have to do for tomorrow still. It was nice to see Laura, Kisse, Suski and Minna too since I haven't seen them in a few weeks. What's again very interesting about the weekend is that Birgitta was super friendly and when Juhani came there, she was grinning at me and pointing towards her son while saying to him "Surely you'll be here tomorrow morning, right?". That doesn't leave much room for interpretation does it?

Later that night I went to a bar called Tabu with a big group of volunteers and the office staff as well and we had a great time. At some point I was sending sms' with Juhani and then Tatu and I decided to go to Ruma where J was. We had a great time there too and Tatu and I got back to the hotel around 4 am. Not very wise considering that I was leading a workshop at 9 am. Well, before the workshop I met Birgitta again and the first thing she said was: "Well, where's Juhani? ;)" at that time of the day it definately doesn't leave space for interpretation. And I'm not kidding when I say that she indeed was surprised when I said that the last time I saw him was at the bar around 4 am and I have no idea where he went after that. Somehow it's cute how she kinda keeps saying me stuff like that, but in a way it's super annoying cuz J is such an annoying idiot sometimes and doesn't seem to know that if you recieve an SMS, it would be a good thing to answer. For instance on Saturday two weeks ago we had the farewell party of few co-workers who will go to another ABC station in Nokia this month. At some point we went in a bar called London, where the age limit is 24 and I only got in cuz my friends were 25-26. :D I sent some SMSs to J about his plans for the night and then at some point also a message where I pretty much admitted that I might be havin' a bad crush on him. Cuz I had such a great time with my lovely co-workers I didn't mind that I got no answer to the SMS.

One of the most interesting things about having a public blog is that you can't be sure who's reading it. A few times I've noticed funnily that the status updates of Ata, a Kiwi girl who was on the Lapland trip, have been amazingly similar to my thoughts. Such as "I've had a crush on him since November, but still I'm unable to tell him that". Well, today's update was " "umm..well--maybe..why not? ;) " and she replied: "Yeah, I can see it in your eyes!" :DD" which is an exact copy from my Lapland trip entry. Then I realized that the other three were also taken from here. Direct quotations: "I'm gonna be the King of Europe!!!", "It feels pathetic that I have courage to do a lot of stupid things and good things too, but I still haven't been able to tell him, even though I've had a bad crush on him since like October or November. Damn." and "I'm quite sure that he knows that I like him, cause everyone else seems to have noticed that too." Haha. :D Thx Ata. <3<3 I don't mind about that, I'm just amused about it. :DD Interestingly we had a long discussion about that on FB. Even in the way like neither of us would know who are the ppl that we were talking about. "Oh, I didn't know you were there!", "But maybe you know that guy too!" Haha again. :D Surely J has to know since practically everyone else knows too, right? But I do still keep wondering whether I'm just making a fool of myself or something. Surely he would've said something if the interest was mutual, right?

On Wednesday I went to see an ice hockey game for the first time in over a year. It was Tampere's Tappara against Kuopio's KalPa. And since I'm from Kuopio, I still prefere KalPa. And they won the game and went to semifinals. Yay. It was cool indeed I must say. Not that I'd be a great fan of ice hockey. And then on Tuesday I booked flights to Scotland for the end to this month. I'll fly there on the 25th and back on the 29th. I'm gonna visit Arttu, another good friend of mine who's there on uni exchange for the spring. Haven't seen him either in a long while.

I should go to bed and study tomorrow cuz I really wanna pass the uni entrance exam for journalism this year and tomorrow we'll have our guild's anniversary party too.
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March 19th, 2010

01:17 am - Lapland trip, work n' studies
I wonder how I was able to update this almost everyday once upon a time... :D So what can I say? The Lapland trip was great. The exchange students were super cool and the other volunteers were great as well and so were our bus drivers Pekka and Tuomo too. I went snowboarding on three days and on the last afternoon I also tried my skis for couple of hours. I still prefer snowboarding. During the trip I swam in avanto after sauna. I haven't done that properly before, but it felt good. For some reason I started doubting whether or not I actually have a crush on Juhani or not, I dunno why. Maybe it was just that I got to spend that much time with him that it was normal or so? :D On one night the bus drivers and us volunteers went to a bar for a couple of drinks. Cuz the bench wasn't too big we had to sit quite close so that we could fit four ppl on both sides of the table. And obviously I was sitting next to J and sitting as close as possible, my knee touching his knee, my whole leg right next to his for about half of the night. It's not much, but it was clearly intentional and he apparently didn't mind cuz he didn't move is leg nor said anything. :P Also sometimes during the bus trips I intentionally sat so close that my knee touched his and he didn't mind that. :DD Haha. It would make sense that he had said something if it was a problem, right? And also during the last night in Pyhä, we had a party at the Carlsberg house(non-alcoholic party, mind you), but us volunteers did go to the hotel right next to it to drink a few drinks. At some point I was sitting there alone with him, without being able to say the stuff that I wanted. Damn. Then back at Carlsberg house the xchangers wanted to get pics with us volunteers and now there's also abig bunch of pics on FB where there's Stefano, Juhani, me and some of our "little ones" as Juhani called them and me very clearly leaning on Juhani's shoulder. He didn't mind about that either you know. ;)

WE visited an Amethyst mine, which actually is the only one in whole Europe. Also on the last day we went to see the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi and the a reindeer farm where we had to chance to get ourselves a reindeer driving licence. :D What made me happy was the the licence also says Rentierführerschein in German. :D During my first year in high school we had a chapter in our book where that word was mentioned and we were talking that we'll NEVER end up in ANY situations where we might see that word. :DDD Haha. Well, I was wrong then.

I have to be honest and admit that during the trip it almost started to annoy me that I found out some new stuff 'bout him. First of all, he listens to a Finnish electro-jazz band called Rinneradio. I like the band too, but the thing is that we are talking about a guy who also loves Nile, Slayer and Marduk and other black/death/thrash metal. <3 Then I found out that he loves dark chocolate and that had he not gotten himself a study place in August, he would've flown to South East Asia and travelled around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for a couple of months. (Me and my constant travel fever, anyone?). The more I get to know him, the more adorable he seems, the more pissed off I am for not being able to tell him about my feelings AND the more I can't avoid thinking that there has to be the other side too. He's either a complete idiot or done something really bad in his life or so. Nobody's perfect, right?

I'm quite sure that he know that I like him cuz everyone else seems to have noticed that too. There was an Austrian boy, Luca, who commented on one Facebook pic: "I think Taru likes Juhani...ou la laa :DD" and then at the train station in Rovaniemi, while were waited for our train, this Belgian girl, Emilie, who sat next to Juhani asked me if I'm interested in him. I mumbles smthng like: "umm..well--maybe..why not? ;) " and she replied: "Yeah, I can see it in your eyes!" :DD This weekend we have AFS Finland's annual meeting and this time it's here in Tampere. J might me coming, he wasn't sure yet. I'm really hoping to see him and also hoping that I'd finally have the guts to tell him. It feels pathetic that I have courage to do a lot of stupid things and good things too, but still I haven't been able to tell him even though I've had a bad crush on him since like October or November. Damn.

When I got back from Lapland I started working at ABC Lahdesjärvi, which is a big service station a few kms from Hervanta. ABC is a big chain of service stations in Finland. I'm doing about 1-2 shifts per week so about 6-10h/week. It's okay and I get quite well payed for that too. The place is open 247 so I prefer night shifts, not just cuz those don't disturb my studies, but also because I get paid more ans usually it's quite quiet too. I had shifts like 11-19 and 18-22 but also 18-02. :D It's okay. My co-workers are nice too. There are quite many other students working there too. Another thing that I like about the place being open 247 is that it's easy to hope for certain shifts. For example I can't come on some weekend cuz it's our guild's anniversary weekend or some AFS stuff and it's okay, then I'll just work a few hours more the previous or next weekend or maybe do a weekday shift instead.

My studies are going okay, I love the university and the people but I hate physics, maths and chemistry. Well okay, I'm failing in physics and maths and I still got some hope with chemistry, but I don't mind since the other courses are cool. And besides that, since I most likely will never graduate from TUT, failing some maths course is not the end of the world. I still will most likely pay the student union fee and study some biomaterials, environmental stuff and logistics courses next year. But I'm currently studying fot the entrace exam of journalism and I'm hoping to pass this year. =)

In the end of February I was also in St. Petersburg for a couple of days. I loved the city even though the weather wasn't so good. Maybe more about that a bit later.
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February 10th, 2010

11:02 pm - Finally updating
Sorry about laziness again. The trip to Amsterdam and Bremen was cool. I loved Amsterdam, but Bremen wasn't very special. :D One of our trains was cancelled and we arrived in A'dam some 1½ hours after our original estimated arrival time. :D We went some cool bars and had a great time despite the fact that our hostel was pretty awful. :DD I wanna go there soon again. Especially since Eero, one of my best friends is studying there now. I'm really happy to have such great friends as Kisse, Minna, Inka and Laura and of course also Suski and Anna who weren't on the trip.

I was elected to the Pool of Trainers of AFS Finland and we had a training weekend awhile ago. It was very interesting and I'm still very happy to be involved in AFS things.

In half an hour I'm gonna go to the train station and then to Lapland with the xchange students. The interesting thing is that Juhani is also coming there as one of the chaperones. My gosh I wish I have the courage to say something. :D

Studies aren't going so well, but I still enjoy life at the Uni. In other words everything is great here in Tampere.
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January 13th, 2010

01:23 am - Travelling and other things
Staying awake at this time of the clock is not wise but since I haven't updated this in a while, I wanna do that before my trip. Today I'll fly to Bremen with some AFS friends and then we'll take a train to Amsterdam. I'm really looking forward for the trip and I just finished packing. A few days ago I found out that the university's Russian course group is organizing a trip to St. Petersburg in February and I signed up for it, even though I'm already going to Riga and Vilnius and the AFS Lapland trip in February. The trip is not very expensive and I really have wanted to go to St Petersburg for quite some time now.

The exams in December went both well and badly. I failed in maths, physics and chemistry and this week I failed the chemistry exam again, cuz I didn't study all the stuff properly. The language exams, however, went really well. =) Just before Christmas I met Sara and Anna and gave them my presents. Then I started thinking that I really wouldn't mind giving some present for Juhani as well, if I just found one. Then I remembered that during Syyspäivät he said to me jokingly: "I'm gonna be the King of Europe!!!" and so I thought that if I find a kids' toy crown somewhere I'll send it to him.

We had a cool little Christmas party with Laura, Kisse, Inka, Anna K. and Minna and the next morning I missed my train to Suonenjoki, but I was still able to attend my Brazilian friend Andrea's little daughter's birthday party. Hanna is super sweet and now she even speaks Portuguese with me. =) The Sunday before Christmas I went to Kuusamo in Northern Finland with mum and dad. At a local huge supermarket I found a yellow toy crown made of some kind of foam plastic and it even had blue and white "diamonds" in it. I bought it and send it to Juhani then. The slopes in Ruka were great even if the weather wasn't so good, it was windy and very cold too. During Christmas holidays I also went to Warsaw with my parents, my luggage didn't arrive on the same flight, but two days later. But I'm just glad that it didn't get completely lost anyway. Warsaw was nice, I'd like to go there again in the summer.

New Year wasn't special since I was in TAmpere and most of my friends were not and the ones who were were either sick or tired. I went to a bar called Ruma and met two random girls from Vaasa and spent the evening with them. It was cool though.

Then on Monday Minna called and asked whether I'd wanna go out for a beer with her, Kisse, Laura and Juhani that night. And of course I went. We had a great time, which is something that always happens with AFS Tampere people and Juhani is still super adorable, no question about that. I wasn't able to ask him about the present. Why do I have to be so shy? But at least I found out (again) that he's not the greatest friend of cell phones, so that explains that lazy communication. We stayed in the bar so long that I missed my last bus and had to go to Kisse's place to wait for the morning's first bus at 3.45. :D And I was still able to go to the physics lessons at 8.15. I'm proud of myself. Hahah. Then on Wednesday I finally gathered up my courage and asked Juhani on MSN if he had gotten my present. And what did he reply? "Yes I got it. Now that I have a crown I just need a throne and the power to decide/authority" How on Earth would it be possible no to like him?! Especially now that I met him in person for the first time in a while and remembered how cool person with an excellent sense of humour he is. Not to mention his eyes... ;) Geez I sound pathetic now..

University things are going well and I have great time there even if some physics and maths stuff is weird sometimes. But now I must go to bed so that I have enough energy for the upcoming adventures. :)
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